About Us


Quality furniture restored to it's former glory:


Everything we list on our site has been cleaned and professionally restored to as close to new as possible.

Our photographs are taken to ensure that the images are a good representation of the products. There is no "re-touching" of the images during the listing process.

We list large numbers of good quality images to help with the buying process and ensure that you can see exactly what you will receive before you buy.

If you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch as we have large stocks awaiting restoration and new stock is arriving daily.



Internet shopping you can trust:


We have over twenty years experience buying, selling and restoring quality furniture.

With three generations working in the company we truly are a family business.

We deliver all of our products in person to ensure our quality standards are maintained.

Many customers return for more items, trusting in our service and the quality of our products.



Tel: 07539065459

email: formergloryoak@aol.com